Pet insurance starting at $1/day

Get up to 100% cash back on vet bills with our wide range of options. Get a free, no obligation quote.

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Pet insurance starting at $1/day

Get up to 100% cash back on vet bills with our wide range of options. Get a free, no obligation quote.

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fast pet claims and pet reimbursement

Fast Reimbursements

We eliminate financial stress while you focus on your pet’s well-being by offering fast claim filing and reimbursement!
budget friendly pet insurance

Affordable Prices

We offer budget-friendly pricing, making providing your pet with essential coverage easier without breaking the bank.
pet insurance benefits

Benefits You Can Use

Access comprehensive coverage that you and your furry companion can count on when needed most.
customizable pet insurance plans

Customized Care

Get the flexibility to browse must-have coverage essentials and customize your plan to suit your pet's needs.

Easy Claim Filing

Even your pet can do it!

get access to licensed pet veterinarians

Visit any licensed Vet

Access licensed veterinarians, including specialists and emergency veterinarians, with no concerns about network restrictions within the US.
east pet claim submissions

Submit your claim

Experience hassle-free claim filing with us. Snap and upload your pet’s invoice easily with a simple claims form.
pet claim reimbursements

Get money back

After your claim approval, we’ll reimburse your funds

Why Pet Parents Choose Pawdarling

Fast Reimbursals

Pawdarling is paws-down the best pet insurance! Filing a claim is super quick, and their lightning-fast reimbursements saved us when our furball, Whiskers, needed unexpected care. Truly the top choice for pet owners!
Emily P.

, July 17th

Quick Claim Response

Pawdarling is a pet parent's dream come true. Claim filing is easy, and their rapid reimbursements were a lifesaver for our mischievous Max. The best pet insurance I've ever had the pleasure of using.
Mark R.

, Sept. 28th

Easy Claim Filing

Pawdarling is pet insurance at its finest! Fast and easy claim filing, and the speed of reimbursements made all the difference when my buddy, Rocky, had an accident. Pawdarling is a real pet-saver!
Jessica M.

, Aug. 1st

10/10 Recommended!

Pawdarling has been a godsend for our family. Quick claim filing and the fastest reimbursements in the business. It's no wonder they're considered the best pet insurance provider around. Our little Bailey is in great hands!
Kevin L.

, March 21st

Best Pet Insurance

Pawdarling has exceeded my expectations. Their claim filing process is incredibly efficient, and their speedy reimbursements were a lifesaver for my four-legged friend, Bella. Pawdarling is the gold standard for pet insurance!
Sarah W.

, Oct. 10th

Amazing Coverage

Pawdarling is a true gem when it comes to pet insurance. Filing claims is a simple, and they process reimbursements faster than a wagging tail. No doubt, it's the best pet insurance out there, and my fur baby, Sparky, couldn't be happier!
Paul J.

, March 17th