American Wirehair

A distinct breed of cat, the American Wirehair originated in New York.
American Wirehair
American Wirehair Cat
OFFICIAL NAME American Wirehair
COMMON NAME American Wirehair
PET HEIGHT 9 to 11 inches
PET WEIGHT 8 to 12 pounds
LIFESPAN 10 to 16 years
GOOD WITH cats, children, dogs, families, seniors
TEMPERAMENT affectionate, bold, sociable
VOCAL LEVEL infrequent
COLORS black/ebony, blue/gray, cream/beige/tan, fawn, lavender/silver, red/orange, white
OTHER TRAITS easy to groom, easy to train, friendly toward humans, friendly toward other pets, friendly toward strangers, good for first-time pet owners, good lap cat, high potential for weight gain, high prey drive, tolerates being alone, tolerates being picked up

Its unique, crimped, wiry coat, which results from an odd genetic uniqueness, sets it apart. These cats are the ideal companions because they are gorgeous, loving, and easygoing.

They display the independent, confident spirit typical of New Yorkers. So, they will be an excellent fit for your lifestyle if you're constantly on the go.                             

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American Wirehair Appearance

Among his cats, American Wirehair cats are rather unusual. As suggested by their name, they have thick, coarse fur and a wiry feel. These cats are medium-sized, with robust, somewhat rounded, large bodies. They usually weigh between eight and twelve pounds.

It's their crimped coat that makes them stand out now. Imagine that their hair is arranged in these stylish curls and waves that reach their ears, and some even have curly whiskers! They come in various colors, including black, blue, white, red, or cream, and have primarily short hair. They also have various fancy coat patterns, including tabby, calico, smoke, cameo, and chinchilla, a silvery coat. Look at their large eyes, which have a slight upward slant at the edges and are colored gold, green, and blue.
Due to their crimped fur, which keeps loose hairs close to the body, some people believe these wirehairs may be hypoallergenic. Their coat may be less irritating for some allergy sufferers, even though no cat is entirely allergy-proof. Spending time with your allergies before bringing one home is a good idea to see how your allergies respond.
It's possible to hear comparisons between American Shorthairs and American Wirehairs. Yes, they share certain similarities, but what is the main distinction? The main distinction is the texture of the hair. The Wirehair has an excellent, coarse, curly coat, while the American Shorthair does not.

American Wirehair Personality

The American Wirehair is an excellent companion for anyone. These cats enjoy playing and interacting with one another but also cherish their freedom. They're great for busy families or individuals because they're content to be left alone. They also make excellent companions for seniors because they will gladly cuddle and shiver in your lap when you're at home.

American Wirehairs are friendly and easygoing, so they get along with children, dogs, other cats, and even older people. They frequently build relationships with every household member because they are devoted and full of love.

These kitties are independent, intelligent, and vibrant. They are loving and energetic without being too demanding. They are happy playing with their toys and engaging in interactive play with their humans.  They enjoy curling up next to you when they're not playing and giving you reassuring murmurs and cuddles. American Wirehairs are lovely, kind, and affectionate family companions.

American Wirehair Living Needs

American Wirehairs are laid-back felines that only require little to be satisfied. They're ideal for busy people who don't spend much time at home because of their independent nature, allowing them to be left alone for extended periods. When you're around, though, they still require a lot of love and affection.

These peaceful, gentle cats prefer to communicate quietly and are generally calm. Though they won't always meow to get your attention, you must consider their behavior and body language. Because of their quiet nature, American Wirehairs make great apartment pets; they won't annoy your neighbors with loud noises. They are courteous roommates and very affectionate and gregarious, getting along well with family, friends, and even strangers. As the children treat them kindly, they especially enjoy cuddling with them.

American Wirehairs must eat a high-quality, high-protein diet to stay healthy because they are obligate carnivores. Observe the feeding recommendations found on the cat food packaging, and contact your veterinarian if you need help determining how to feed your pet.

American Wirehair Care

Regular brushing of the American Wirehair's unique coat is not necessary. However, overbrushing their wiry fur may cause damage. Gently brushing them occasionally is sufficient, though you may want to brush them more frequently in the fall and spring when they shed more.

Taking good care of their dental hygiene is also essential. Try to brush their teeth three or four times a week, but if you can, try brushing them daily. Do it as frequently as your cat permits.

Check their nails frequently to see if they need to be trimmed. If they grow too long, clipping them will be necessary. A scratching post can keep their nails neat. Bathing your American Wirehair occasionally will help keep their coat from getting greasy and remove dead hair. And do not forget to clean their ears, too!

American Wirehair Health

American Wirehairs typically live 10 to 16 years and are generally healthy. However, they may be more vulnerable to conditions like hip dysplasia and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM). 

Although reputable breeders will screen kittens for these issues, routine examinations as your cat ages are essential. Frequent visits to the veterinarian are crucial to identifying problems early on. HCM and other conditions can occasionally go undetected until later in life.

American Wirehair Exercise Requirements

While they love to play, American Wirehairs also value time to themselves. Given their sharp minds, toys and puzzles are necessary to keep them occupied. They enjoy amusing themselves and only sometimes need your attention, especially when you're away. They like to play on their schedule, so don't be shocked if they bring you a toy when they feel playful. Cat trees are excellent for them to climb and are great for maintaining muscle tone.

American Wirehair Training

As intelligent cats, American Wirehairs can even learn to play fetch. They are naturally curious about everything and simple to train. It can be enjoyable for both of you to train them. It's usually easy to introduce them to litter boxes and scratching posts.

An American Wirehair must be socialized early to feel secure and at ease. After being appropriately introduced to amiable individuals and other animals, they interact amicably and playfully with nearly everyone they meet.

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American Wirehair History 

The Cat Fanciers' Association states that in 1966, the first American Wirehair was founded in upstate New York. One kitten in a litter of farm kittens experienced a spontaneous mutation that gave rise to this unusual breed, known for its kinky, crimped coat. The unique qualities of this kitten were then carefully preserved through careful breeding. Although such genetic mutations can occur anywhere in the world, no other nation has seen a replication of this specific mutation.

These cats are scarce since American Wirehairs are still a relatively new breed that breeders are improving. They are frequently compared to American Shorthairs. Despite having different coats and some unique facial features, American Shorthairs are occasionally used in breeding programs to help develop the Wirehair breed.

American Wirehair Fun Facts

Out of 41 registered breeds, American Wirehairs were deemed the rarest breed by the Cat Fanciers' Association in 2017. 

Steel wool is commonly compared for its distinct, challenging, and springy coat. 
American Wirehairs are commonly confused with American Shorthairs due to their similar appearance and behavior. In actuality, breeding programs frequently cross these two breeds.


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